Review: Wish You Were Here by Renee Carlino


Charlotte has spent her twenties adrift, floating from interest to interest, job to job, and guy to guy, searching for a spark but never quite finding it. All she knows is that she won’t discover it working as a waitress at a pies-and-fries joint in Los Angeles or living with her fun but aimless best friend in a tiny apartment in the Arts District.

Then Charlotte collides with Adam, a gorgeous and soulful painter who seems just as lost as she feels. Their instant connection turns into a midnight drink… and a whirlwind night of champagne, Chinese food, and the kind of conversation that only happens in romantic comedies. But the next morning, Adam gives Charlotte the cold shoulder, leaving her confused and hurt—and wondering if the few odd moments between them the night before were red flags in disguise.

Months later, Charlotte hasn’t been able to shake Adam, so she decides to find out what happened the morning after their magical night together. This fateful decision rewrites their wild love story, but what Charlotte doesn’t know yet is that the ending has already been written. 


This was one of the books I was really excited about this summer but sadly it just didn't do it for me. I knew going into this that there was going to be some insta-love but I thought that the author would expand on that one night and really build the relationship between Adam and Charlotte.  Sadly, she didn't and I found the relationship between the two of them to be really cringe worthy and it fell flat for me.  

I wasn't a big fan of any other characters in this book either. They too felt flat and felt like they had no personality.   Also, Charlotte's interaction with everyone around here was so dramatic and over the top. I didn't connect with her as a character either. In fact I found her rather annoying. 

Overall, I didn't even finish this book. I got about 70% in and didn't finish it. I just couldn't connect with the characters and I couldn't get on board with that lackluster romance. I wish the author would have provided more interaction and more build up between Adam and Charlotte. Also, I wish she would have taken the time to build up Charlottes character. She just seemed so fickle to me and never seemed to grow or change.